The staircase of the Flag Tower is one of the really big architectural attractions of the Bory Castle. If we stand under the stairs and look up or we look down from the top, the painted banisters which are formed as lace are a real aesthetic experience. It was made of concrete and would probably be awe-inspiring without colours as well, but the decoration painted by the daughter Klára Bory (1910-1989), who studied painting, makes it look more enchanting.

The so called Vagyóczky Room, which was named after a colleague of Bory, opens from the first floor of this tower. He selflessly helped the master at the university and with the building of the castle in the summer holidays too. There is a beautiful rose window in the middle of the room. We can see Bory’s Horse Head (around 1928) here, which reminds us of the ancient Athens Pantheon frieze in its form, however, its material the colourful marble gives it a very special style and effect. The room gives place to the seasonal exhibitions organised in the castle.