As the visitors approach the castle in Mária Valley they can see its high and romantic towers from afar. Stepping into the garden through the gate, first we meet the mockup of the castle. It is worth spending some time here before we start our walk – and of course after our walk, too – because we can never see the whole castle so perspicuously in reality. Only here can we see the structure of the castle and how it adapts to the gradually ascending hillside.  Here we are able to really understand the relation of the towers, terraces and passages to each other and to the whole.

In the front garden, among the big trees and beautiful flowers, we find statues everywhere. These are mostly made of Bory’s quarts concrete, which resists bad weather and so time as well. On the right a monumental Christ head stands out, the copy of the Bory family sepulchre. A bit closer we see The Rising Sunshine (around 1923), a life-sized beautiful young woman nudity made of bronze. The garden shows a similar picture on the left with a large fountain that has a pool covered with white porcelain pieces and a several meters high column holding a vase in the middle. This fountain is one of the oldest monuments of the castle since the artist built it in 1913.

As we can see and feel, the garden is not just a part of the castle, but it very closely surrounds it and lives together with it. Trees, bushes, green islands, fountains and ponds make the sight lively on the terraces and in the courts.