We enter the picturesque courtyard through the castle gate between the two towers. Above our head hangs the huge, rusty sward that symbolizes the “right of the sward” and which was of course also made of concrete. An elegant French style park welcomes us with carefully trimmed plants and with a fountain in the middle in which a frog spits water. This is the place where the “wanderer”, the visitor, takes a rest and then walks around to look at the statues along the walls. The courtyard was named after the 103 pillars that hold the arcuate corridors.

The other entrance of the courtyard is under the residential tower. The tower symbolizes Jenő Bory’s family. The smallest dome symbolizes the youngest child György, the two alike domes above it the twin sisters Ilona and Klára and the bicuspid tower the parents. The one with the rooster is the woman, because as Bory said “ladies always turn where the wind blows”.